Hot sauce producers Kit and Rosie of Trodden Black, Dollar. Holding produce.


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Daringly different chilli death jam and dead hot sauce inspired by South East Asia and handmade in Dollar.


Inspired by their travels through South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia, Kit Campbell and Rosie Boyla set up Trodden Black in 2018 – creating small batch chilli jams, hot sauces and preserves.

Kit said: “It seems a little strange looking back to the beginning of the idea that would become our business venture, as a lot has changed since then.

“Rosie and I began travelling across South East Asia in 2015. The idea to make chilli jam came to us during our journey, slowly developing our palates and our recipes as we went.

“The name Trodden Black started as Trodden Trail which came from hiking off the ‘beaten track’. Later it became Trodden Black as I came across a poem called ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost.

“Our name reflects what we stand for as a company, taking a familiar product or venture and paving the way into something new and exciting.”

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chillies on top of jars of chilli sauce



Spurred on from rave reviews from family and friends, Rosie and Kit decided to turn their passion for sweet preserves and hot sauces into a business.

Kit said:”One of the first items I was taught to make as a Commis Chef was chilli jam. It offers all spectrums of taste: spicy, sweet, savoury, sour and salt. We ate a lot of worldly foods on our travels and I had picked up a lot of experience working in restaurants, so we had a good idea of what flavours would work.

“What makes us different to most competitors is our passion to create unique and never-been-done flavour combinations, we’re all about keeping the taste experience as exciting and diverse as possible.

“From our dark, sweet and fiery Bramble Naga Dead Hot Sauce to our Prickly Pineapple Chilli Death Jam made with Scotch Bonnet chillies.”



Trodden Black started life as a home kitchen business.

Kit said: “All  products are handmade by us in Dollar, Clackmannanshire using locally sourced or British produce wherever possible and are cooked from scratch and tasted along to way to ensure every jar is as good as it can be.

“After three years we are still keeping to this mantra but instead of cooking in my – eternally patient – mother’s kitchen, we have used our profits to build a kitchen of our own…in her garage.

“One day we’d like to open our own fully self-sustainable and eco-friendly cafe and food shop.”

When the pandemic hit and hospitality shutdown, the couple focussed their efforts on growing their business – pledging to help others at the same time.

Kit said: “We’ve recently collaborated with talented up and coming artists to help get their name out there – check out our quirky labels – and we’re also donating a portion of our profits to a charity called CALM, who are leading a movement against suicide.”

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