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Nooch Bar and Kitchen is making waves in Stirling's food scene. With a warm and inclusive approach to vegan dining, it’s a culinary haven for those embracing a plant-based diet. Join James and his team for a memorable dining experience that's equal parts delicious and sustainable.


From family dinners to Stirling’s first fully vegan restaurant, James Leask’s culinary journey is a testament to his passion for food and his dream of creating an inclusive dining space.

James said: “Nooch is the culmination of a 30-year journey. Growing up, every evening was centred around sitting down as a family to Mum’s freshly made macaroni, chilli, curries, or the odd fish finger sandwich! Whatever else was going on, that was constant.

“Like loads of others, I fell into hospitality at university.  I never imagined whilst making coffee at a local café that over a decade later I would be opening my own restaurant.”

Stirling holds a special place in James’s heart.

He explains, “I went to Stirling University, and that connection to the city is something I wanted to honour by opening my business here.”

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So, what spurred James on to fulfil his dream?

“The turning point?” James pauses, a smile in his voice. “Meeting my partner Chloe changed the way I viewed food and led me to eventually living an almost completely plant-based lifestyle. Over the next couple of years, food and drink took on an even greater place in my life.”

James and Chloe would seek out vegan restaurants wherever they travelled, nurturing ideas about what they loved in bars and eateries. All of this led to the birth of Nooch, Stirling’s first fully vegan restaurant, bar and cafe.


Nooch’s inspiration lies in providing a space where anyone and everyone can gather to enjoy wholesome, seasonal food in an inclusive and relaxing atmosphere.

James explained: “Share small plates with a glass of wine, a beer or freshly roasted coffee. We serve up food that’s simple fresh and seasonal.”

Nooch operates with a small but dedicated team.

James said: “It’s a small but passionate team. At the front, you’ll find Giulia, Teddy and Lea, ensuring guests feel welcome.

“In the kitchen, it’s myself and Sam, working to create the freshly prepared dishes that make you want to come back.”

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Vegan burger


Nooch is known for its commitment to good quality vegan food, crafted from local and seasonal products.

James emphasised the values at the core of Nooch: “We aim to use the best of Scottish produce, sourced locally whenever possible.

“A lot of the fruit and vegetables we use are provided by Tomnaha market garden, showcasing our dedication to local sourcing.

“We believe in making the dining experience not only delicious but also as eco-friendly as possible.”


Nooch isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a force for good.

James is proud of Nooch’s community engagement: “We’re not just a restaurant; we strive to be part of the community.

“We have collaborated with organisations like Transition Stirling, engage in charity work, and offer student discounts. We also host events for the Stirling University Vegan Society.”

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Sharing plate selection


James has plans to expand the business to include event catering: “Right now, we’re focused on our current offerings, but we have plans to expand.

“We’re looking to provide catering services for weddings, lunches, and deliveries in the near future.

“In the meantime, Thursday evenings are reserved for a pub quiz which has become a firm favourite with a fantastic group of loyal regulars.”


Stay connected with Nooch Bar and Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram and explore their menu on their website.

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