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For the freshest fruit and veg on the high street head to Ginger Roots, Stirling’s friendly independent greengrocer. From a couple of carrots to a chef’s larder box, you’re guaranteed quality seasonal produce, a fair price and a blether!



After being made redundant during the pandemic, former MacRobert Arts Centre Production and Technical Manager Mark Ritchie, decided to embark on new career by opening a traditional fruit and veg shop on Port Street.

Mark said: “There were no greengrocers in Stirling at the time and I was fed up with the poor quality and overly packaged fruit and veg products found in supermarkets.

“The work done by The Kitchen 44 at King Street during the pandemic, distributing tonnes of excess supermarket food, also brought home to me just how much food we – as a society – are throwing away.

“Going back to basics, means that people can stop wasting food and just buy what fresh produce they need.”

Any unsold produce with a shorter shelf life is passed onto Transition Stirling to be distributed for free.


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Mark’s love of fresh food and veg produce is inspired by his world travels.

He said: “When I left school I worked as a commis chef before becoming a civil engineer, playing in a band and then becoming a theatre production manager.

“During this time, I travelled extensively and trying out local food was a must!

“There’s nothing better than hitting a local market and seeing what’s on offer.

“Food should be more than just fuel.

“I’d highly recommend our Padron peppers, samphire and chanterelle mushrooms.

“Three simple products that are easy to cook and taste amazing!”




So where did the name Ginger Roots come from?

Mark said: “Originally, I was going to call the shop ‘No Bergine’, but my daughter Holly suggested Ginger Roots – ‘now that you’re bald, all you have is ginger roots Dad’.

“A good name, but obviously she’s now out of the will!”


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Stock of local products, packets of food



Mark sources all his produce as locally as possible, offering customers the best in season.

He added: “We stock honey from a producer from just round the corner, fruit and veg from Crieff, wild foods picked by local foragers and locally made jams and chutneys.

“We’ve also teamed up with family run businesses in Glasgow and Edinburgh for our pickles and Italian pasta sauces.

“We’re all about supporting small, local independent businesses and are hoping to collaborate with Kitchen 44 soon on some community cookery classes.”




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