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Fodder and Farm

Fodder + Farm offers a fresh approach to the farm-to-table concept. Offering immersive craft, open fire cooking and foraging experiences. The new venture brings together the mastery of private chef Lucy Pattinson and the passion of smallholders Kat Goldin and Kevin Harrison.


Fodder + Farm is a new collaboration between private chef Lucy Pattinson and smallholders Kat Goldin and Kevin Harrison at Gartur Stitch Farm, Port of Menteith.

Lucy Pattinson of The Fodderation is a private chef who specialises in open-fire and game cooking. Lucy has cheffed all over the country – from fine dining and tasting menus in the city, to lodges, estates and castles across the highlands. She is a passionate advocate for local, seasonal food and sustainability.

Lucy said: “I’m so thrilled to work with Kat and Kevin to bring Fodder + Farm to life. It’s been magical to collaborate with local farmers, growers and artisans to create menus and events at Gartur that feed your soul and light that fire in your belly that leaves you eager to learn more.”


Chef Lucy Pattinson


For the past 9 years, Kat and Kevin have run Gartur Stitch Farm, an education-led smallholding on the Cardross Estate that specialises in craft and food. In that time, they’ve hosted thousands of people at their farm for workshops, “Meet the Goats” farm tours, courses, and retreats, teaching traditional skills, sustainable living, and food production – including learning how to hand milk their small herd of dairy goats.

Their mission is to reconnect people with where their food comes from. They’re passionate about teaching regenerative agricultural practices and passing on traditional skills, from sourdough baking, foraging natural dyeing and botanical printing to spoon carving and hand stitching.

Kat said: “We want people to be part of the story of their food – not just consumers. Getting hands on with how things are grown and made, and gaining traditional skills that work in  busy, modern lives.”



Together, Lucy, Kat and Kevin combine their passion for food, sustainability and education to create unique and unforgettable experiences at Fodder + Farm.

They offer immersive culinary events, workshops, and retreats that showcase the best of local produce and traditional cooking methods.

By joining forces, they aim to provide a holistic experience that not only tantalises taste buds but also educates and empowers participants to make conscious choices about their food and its impact on the environment.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the entire food journey, from farm to table, and discover the importance of supporting local food systems and sustainable practices.




Botanical printing


Through their shared vision and collaboration, Lucy, Kat, and Kevin have created Fodder + Farm as a platform for people to connect with their food, the land, and each other. By offering these experiences, Fodder + Farm hopes to inspire a new generation of conscious food and craft lovers who are passionate about sustainability.

Fodder+Farm’s summer events and workshops include:

  • Open-fire cooking classes.
  • Farm-to-table dining experiences.
  • Hands-on workshops in traditional crafts, like cheese-making.
  • Educational farm tours and demonstrations of sustainable farming practices.
  • Guided foraging walks and wild food workshops.
  • Natural dyeing and botanical ecoprinting.

For more details of the upcoming programme of exhibitions, supper clubs, workshops, walks and events see and follow Fodder + Farm on Instagram



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