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Small Stirling based batch bakery, Charli’s Slow Bakes specialises in creating decadent baked treats using local produce, slow release sugars and seasonal fruits, veg, herbs and flowers.


After a career in environmental management, Charlotte-Rose Docherty-Shortt took her love of nature and the outdoors in a different direction. She said: “After studying geography and environmental management for five years and working as an environmental manager for five more, I realised that I was moving further and further from what I loved.

“My environmental background gave me a passion and appreciation for good, clean sustainably sourced and produced food and so the idea ‘Charli’s Slow Bakes’ began to grow.

I wanted to create a small sustainable business that would allow me to slow down and create a better work life balance.”

rhubarb topped cake
chocolate topped cakes on a tray


So where does the bakery’s name come from? Charli explained: “The name ‘Charli’s Slow Bakes’ has 3 main aspects to it. Firstly my aim was to slow down as a person and take a more conscious approach to my life, by taking things slowly. Secondly, the ingredients. I use as many local, unrefined and organic ingredients as possible – the nature of the unrefined ingredients I use result in the slower release of energy helping avoid the sugar ‘high’ often associated with cakes and sweets. Lastly – the aim with my products is for the customer to slow down, and take the time to stop and enjoy a wholesome guilt-free treat.”



Charli’s dog Padraic has pride of place on her logo. But what’s that got to do with cake!? 

Charli said: “Well, those of you who know me well know just how much this little guy meant to me. His circumstances forced me to take the time in my life that I should have taken myself. Padraic gave me the time to really think about what I wanted from my life, and the time to figure out how to get there. He taught me to appreciate the little things and slow down.

“When I see his wee face it reminds me of the root and the purpose of Charli’s Slow Bakes. To enjoy the little moments, eat well and appreciate the present.


Everything is lovingly prepared by Charli in her kitchen. 

She said: “I hope people can see the love, care and passion that I put into my products – I produce high quality treats that focus not only on flavour, but on the quality and sources of the ingredients.

“The majority of my baking is vegan – but what sets me apart, is the focus on ingredients, seasonality and sourcing. I don’t use highly refined flours, sugars, palm oils and try to use as many local producers as possible.

“For example I use locally produced fruit, vegetables and flowers from Tomnaha Market garden in Perthshire.”


Charli’s Slow Bakes are available to order from:  

NeighbourFood Stirling  

NeighbourFood Balfron

Contact Charli on 07717 360043

FACEBOOK: Charli’s Slow Bakes 

INSTAGRAM: @charlis_slow_bakes


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